8 steps to reactivate the registration of the request to receive the Corona vaccine – Egypt

The Ministry of Health and Population revealed the steps to reactivate the registration of a request to receive the Corona vaccine, following the increasing questions from citizens in order to enter the Ministry of Health and Population website to obtain the vaccine; To avoid infection with the virus or the symptoms associated with it.

Al-Watan monitors the steps to reactivate the request for the Corona vaccine, according to the Ministry of Health, as follows:

Log in to the Corona vaccine registration site Ministry of Health and the Egyptian population.

Write the application number and the last four digits of the national number or passport.

Click to select an inquiry.

– In the event that it is not time to receive the vaccine, the request data will appear.

– After that, in the event of not attending on the specified day, to receive the vaccine, a message will appear stating that it must be activated.

– The data is modified again.

In the event that the citizen wishes to set a new date for receiving the vaccine, reactivation is chosen.

– Then a message will appear that your application has been successfully reactivated, and another date will be set to receive the vaccine.

In a related context, Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, announced, last week, receiving 1.5 million doses of the virus vaccine. Corona The new product, produced by AstraZeneca, presented by the German government as a gift to the Egyptian people.

The ministry indicated that this comes within the framework of the state’s plan to diversify and expand the provision of vaccines to citizens to preserve the gains in addressing the emerging corona virus pandemic.

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The Ministry appealed to all citizens that the only way to obtain a request for a Corona vaccine is through registering on the website of the Ministry of Health and Population, which is the authority entrusted with providing vaccines for all those specified who are entitled to receive the vaccine, stressing that all vaccines are safe and do not cause concern or fear.


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