Health 8 Vaccine Candidates Enter Phase 3 Clinical Trials

8 Vaccine Candidates Enter Phase 3 Clinical Trials, NASIONAL.

8 Vaccine Candidates Enter Phase 3 Clinical Trials and Ready for Production. This was disclosed by the Australian National University Biomolecular Research Manager and Director of Lipotek Australia, Dr Ines Atmosukarto during the webinar “Covid-19 and Vaccine Prospects for Indonesia” in Jakarta, Friday (14/8/2020).

“What needs to be focused on is phase 3. Because these vaccines have the potential to become products in the near future,” he said.

The eight vaccines are the mRNA-1273 vaccine, CansinoBio, Sinovac, Wuhan Institute with Sinopharm, Beijing Institute with Sinopharm, Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine, University of Oxford and Astrazeneca, and Moderna with NIAID America.

According to him, vaccines are the best way to fight the virus because they are considered the most efficient. This vaccine is given to healthy people to avoid contracting the disease.

“With one vaccine, we can prevent many people from contracting the disease. I think, from a public health perspective, the vaccine is the strongest. It has been proven, like the polio vaccine and others, there is a lot of evidence,” he explained.

Meanwhile, he said there had never been in history that a vaccine was in the works within 12 months as is currently the case. because, vaccine research usually takes a long time, namely up to 10 even 15 years.

“Therefore, we must realize that what the producers are doing is a big challenge, to produce a vaccine for 12 months. This has never happened before,” he concluded. (source: CNBC Indonesia)

Author: Media Network

Editor : Putra Setiawan


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