8.X Song and Dance Festival soundtrack concert in Ulbrok

On October 8 at 5:00 p.m. in the Culture Center “Ulbrokas pērle”, in preparation for the XXVII General Latvian Song and XVII Dance Festival “Laika upe” big concert of koklets, a festive concert will be played, in which the ensembles of Koklets from the Pierīga region will take part. It is planned that in the summer of 2023, nearly 400 koklei players in three age groups will participate in the XXVII General Latvian Song and XVII Dance Festival kokli concert. The sound pattern will be created by the five chief conductors, new works created by Valtas Pūce and Aigars Raumaņas, as well as invited guest artists, will be part of the concert.

The kokļi concert “Laika upe” is based on the basic values ​​- the folk song, nature and the kokler, says the Latvian National Cultural Center: “The kokler, the bearer of tradition and the keeper of the knowledge of life, is a boatman who travels through the ages from our days to the source of the birth of the folk song and melody in the beginning, in his on the way, playing woodwinds and folk songs in various sound circles – modern, saturated, mythical, dreamy, pure and full-sounding.

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