’80 thousand euros to repair a Tesla Model 3 which is worth 49′. The experience of a Turinese

Roberto “Maz” Mazzu | 18/03/2023, ore 09:00


Definitely curious the episode told by a computer engineer from Turin, owner of a Tesla Model 3which after a road accident saw a very high cost of repairs: paid 54 thousand euros, to put it back to new it took 80.

The story is told to the microphones of the newspaper Republican experience that Gian Maria Cravero, a 55-year-old from Turin, introduces as follows: “Beautiful car, technologically another world, but if I went back I would never buy it again”.

And yet until the car accident his Model 3 hadn’t registered any problems: “Everything was fine, for me it is a very interesting car. Not only because of the technology, but because it costs very little compared to the type of car it is. It is comparable, without the risk of being proven wrong, to a super sports car”.

Until Gian Maria took a wall with the Model 3: “Nothing serious, it hit a low wall, but the damage, due to the angle of the impact, was particular”given that the front end was compromised after the impact, drums including.

At that point the engineer had started looking for a workshop to be able to fix his car, receiving an unpleasant surprise: an estimate of 80 thousand euros by a body shop designated by Tesla.

I calculated that at the time of the accident the commercial value of my car was around 49,000 euros. In short, to put it back on track I would have to spend 30,000 euros more”. Gian Maria Cravero suspects that the after sales service Tesla almost doesn’t care, (his own words) underlining a detail: “It’s a technology company that also makes cars, it’s not a manufacturing company that produces cars. On the other hand, I had bought it on the internet, not even in a dealership. It seems to me that the after-sales assistance does not interest. There is no network, very little assistance, there are no approved body shops and they have no experience in maintenance and repairs”.

The software engineer, of course we can’t verify that, he also said he has contacted Tesla directlybut according to what we read on Republic would have received in response: “Accidents are not our problem”. Among other things, it seems that a “litigation” also with the insurancegiven that the estimate was higher than the value of the car.

Sin – concludes Cravero – it is a car that was unrivaled in terms of range, aesthetics, power and torque put on the road. Now I will return to the Toyota hybrid, my previous passion”. Obviously that of the Turin motorist represents an edge casenot a custom, but it is not the first time that similar stories have been told.

Suffice it to say that in the USA the Tesla Model Ys are in fact without insurance as they are withheld too expensive to repair. Despite this, Tesla remains at the top of the ranking of the best-selling electric cars in Europe at the beginning of 2023, followed by Dacia and Volskwagen.

Source: republic

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