80 years after the historic London speech, ‘De Gaulle’ premieres

This Friday the film opens on Spanish billboards De Gaulle, starring Lambert Wilson e Isabelle Carré, whose premiere was a great success in France coinciding with the 130th anniversary of the French statesman’s birth, 80 years of the historic London speech and 50 years of his death.

De Gaulle, directed by Gabriel Le Bomin, the first feature film released on the big screen about the figure of the French general, shows the never explained story of how Charles De Gaulle became the great hero of the resistance in France during the German invasion in World War II, and the family circumstances who lived in those days. In May 1940, France faced the military disaster of the German invasion. While Prime Minister Pétain is willing to surrender and negotiate with Hitler, General de Gaulle is committed to continuing the fight and resisting. This goal will endanger the lives of many French families, including De Gaulle himself. His wife and three children are forced to flee before the arrival of the Nazis.

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