866 Posyandu in Kudus Prepared to Serve Child Immunization

TRIBUNPANTURA.COM, KUDUS – The achievement of vaccination in the National Child Immunization Month (BIAN) in Kudus Regency has reached half of the targeted target.

The journey of the immunization program, which has been launched since August 1, 2022, has not encountered any significant obstacles.

The Sub-coordinator of Surveillance and Immunization at the Kudus District Health Office, Aniq Fuad, said that his party had not encountered any significant obstacles, including the rejection of the vaccination.

However, there are some parents in Kudus who still lack knowledge about the importance of measles rubella (MR) vaccination. Because the injection of this vaccine does not depend on other vaccines.

“For that we educate and provide understanding, finally many are willing,” said Aniq, Thursday, August 18, 2022.

His party has also provided 866 integrated service posts (Posyandu) spread across nine sub-districts in Kudus. These posts are ready to serve child immunization.

In addition, 19 health facilities in the form of clinics and Puskesmas in Kudus are also ready to provide immunization services.

If it is necessary to pick up the ball to some, said Aniq, his party will immediately target PAUD or play groups. This service is also a form of mandatory immunization screening service.

“This is temporarily running at the Posyandu, if we have to go to school we are ready,” he said.

Meanwhile, the achievement of vaccination to date, he said, for the OPV vaccine (polio drops) is 53.4 percent or as many as 808 children from the target of 1,512 children.

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Then the IPV vaccine (injectable polio) reached 1,541 or 55.7 percent of the target of 2,769 children.

Meanwhile, for the DPT-HB-Hib vaccination, from 2,835 target children, 1,718 children have been injected, or the equivalent of 60.6 percent.

Furthermore, the measles-rubella (MR) immunization, which targets children aged 9 to 59 months, has now been realized in 27,616 children or around 67.3 percent of the target of 4,052 children.

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