87% of PSOE militants support that Sánchez grants amnesty to those prosecuted for 1-O

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Pedro Sánchez has obtained the endorsement of the PSOE militancy that he sought to grant amnesty to those prosecuted for the illegal 1-O independence referendum, one of the demands of the pro-independence parties in exchange for support for his investiture as president of the Government . With the scrutiny at 92%, 87.13% of the party members who participated in the internal consultation carried out on the post-electoral pacts – 63.4% of the total census of 172,600 – have said yes to a measure of grace that The candidate for re-election himself said that he had no constitutional fit until the day before the appointment with the polls on 23-J.

Now that the votes of ERC and Junts are essential for his permanence in La Moncloa, the general secretary of the socialists justifies its application for the “contribution to political normalization in Catalonia” within the pedagogy campaign launched by Ferraz before his foreseeable approval. This week the agreement with Oriol Junqueras’ team has already been signed while negotiations continue to try to obtain the agreement of Carles Puigdemont.

In Catalonia, both support and participation have been lower than the national average: in the community most affected by the process 85.4% of the 7,909 PSC members who responded to the consultation – 61.6% of the census – voted yes. In Spain as a whole, 11.93% of citizens with a party card who have given their opinion have been to express that they are against it.

The question that Ferraz had asked the militancy did not include an explicit mention of this judicial relief, but rather a generic reference to the pacts with the parties that Sánchez needs to be able to revalidate his mandate in this legislature. “Do you support the agreement to form a Government with Sumar and obtain the support of other political formations to achieve the necessary majority?” literally said the text submitted for endorsement.

However, in the letter sent to members to ask for their favorable vote, the party leader did openly defend the application of the amnesty. “Experience tells us that it is the right path, as evidenced by the success of measures adopted in the last legislature. Measures that have undeniably contributed to improving coexistence in Catalonia“Sánchez argued in the letter in implicit allusion to the pardons of those convicted by the process.

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