9/11 minutes by minute attacks: The fall of one of the towers lasted only ten seconds

Tuesday seemed to start like any other. But then everything changed. September 11, 2001 went down in history as a day that changed the world.

September 7, 2001, 7:59 AM. It takes off from Boston Airport with a 14-minute delay from American Airlines’ No. 11 flight plan. The destination is to be Los Angeles. There are five men on board the plane, who hijack the plane in the air after about a quarter of an hour and direct it to the New York headquarters of the World Trade Center, specifically to the skyscrapers known as the Twins.

8:14. No one from the outside knows about what is happening on board flight 11 American Airlines yet. United Airlines flight 175 takes off from Boston Airport. “As with American Airlines Flight 11, the planned destination is the city of Los Angeles,” recalls the History server. But even on this plane, terrorists sit and intend to attack him in New York.

8:19. Flight crew 11 warns air traffic control that the aircraft has been hijacked. She is informed by the FBI.

The Diary’s mini-series dedicated to 20 years since the attack on the “twins” in New York can be found HERE

8:20. American Airlines flight 77 is departing from Dulles International Airport. There are also five hijackers on board this Boeing 757. The target of this machine, after they take control of it, will become the Pentagon.

8:24. Air traffic control captures a strange broadcast from hijacked flight number 11, now bound for New York. “The kidnapper Mohammed Atta was apparently trying to communicate with the cabin,” the History server said.

8:42. The first of the hijacked planes is almost with the New York Twins. Apparently, at this very moment, the hijackers are also taking control of flight 175. United Airlines flight 93 is also taking off from Newark International Airport, becoming the fourth hijacker. “The launch of this aircraft was delayed, it was originally supposed to pick up around eight o’clock in the morning, as well as other hijacked machines,” writes the History server.

8:46. The first impact. Despite the fact that military fighters are sent to check what is happening with flight number 11, it is too late. Exactly at this moment, the hijacked machine crashes into one of the Twins, the WTC1 building, the North Tower. “The last recorded communication with the plane’s crew took place when flight attendant Madeline” Amy “Sweeney said in a telephone interview: Oh my God, we’re too low,” the Huffington Post said. The plane with 92 people on board crashes between floors 93 and 99. The collision with the building is accompanied by an explosion.

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8:47. The components of the rescue system are informed almost immediately after the impact. New York police and firefighters are sending troops to the scene. The evacuation of people from the North Tower begins. Not on the other hand.

8:48. The first television and radio stations begin to report on events in New York. From the floors above the crash site, people trapped in flames and smoke call for help. In the next hour and a half, a dozen of them would rather jump out of a skyscraper than burn out.

8:50. The then US President George W. Bush is informed about the crash of the first plane into the World Trade Center. He is visiting the school and is about to enter the classroom, where he will meet the children. “As he later said, he believed at the moment that it was an accident caused either by the pilot’s indisposition or by bad weather,” the Huffington Post said.

9:03. The second impact. The eyes of New Yorkers and television cameras and millions of viewers are fixed on the burning North Tower. That’s when the shock comes. “I think the second plane hit the World Trade Center,” said WNYW host Jim Ryan. The hijacked flight number 175 flew into the South Tower. “The crash immediately killed everyone on board and hundreds of people in the offices,” says the History server.

Source: Youtube

9:05. President Bush, sitting in a class with students, is informed of the crash of another plane. The US head of state learns that a terrorist attack has just taken place.

9:24. The US Federal Aviation Administration informs that flight number 77 was probably hijacked. In New York, traffic is stopped, bridges and tunnels are closed. All units of police, rescue and firefighters from New York are with the burning Twins.

9:31. For the first time, President Bush is speaking from Florida about current events. “Today we have experienced a national tragedy. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center building. This is an obvious terrorist attack on our country. I spoke with the Deputy Prime Minister, the Governor of New York and the FBI Director, and ordered that all federal government resources be used to help the victims and their families and that an investigation be ordered to uncover those who committed the act. Terrorism will not stand up to our nation, “Bush said.

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9:37. Attack on the Pentagon. The third hijacked plane, flight number 77, crashes into the Pentagon building, the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense. “59 people die on board the plane and 125 people in the building,” writes the History server. A few minutes later, other important government buildings in Washington – the Capitol and the White House – are evacuated.

9:42. For the first time in American history, air traffic over the ground is completely stopped. Aircraft already in the air land at the nearest airports. Those heading for US airspace are diverted to Canada. “In total, approximately 3,300 commercial flights and 1,200 private planes are disappearing from the air,” says the History server.

9:59. The fall of the first tower. The whole world is holding its breath. The first of the Twins rushes to the ground, the second hit tower. “It burned for 56 minutes. The collapse of the tower itself killed about six hundred people, office workers and members of the rescue services. The tower fell for ten seconds, “sums up the Huffington Post.

Source: Youtube

10:00. New York Fire Chief Joseph Pfeifer orders the evacuation of all units from the still-standing North Tower. But not all firefighters receive this information.

10:03. The crash of Flight 93. The last of the hijacked planes, Flight 93, falls into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Everyone on board is dying. Thanks to the heroism of the passengers and the crew of the plane, however, no one else on the ground. As the commission of inquiry later said on September 11, 2001, the fourth hijacked machine was apparently supposed to break into one of the major American buildings. But since the passengers learned about the attacks on the Twins and the Pentagon through phone calls with loved ones, they decided to avoid a similar scenario. And the kidnappers then preferred to crash into the field with a plane. “The passengers decided and acted. It all started at 9.57. Several passengers then cut off phone calls to join the fight. One of the callers ended the call with the words: Everyone is running to first class, I have to go. Hi,” the Commission of Inquiry reports. .

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10:28. The fall of the second tower. The tragedy culminates. The North Tower of the World Trade Center is rushing to the ground 102 minutes after the plane crash. Its collapse kills approximately 1,400 people at one time.

11:02. After the fall of the towers, their ruins are in a wide area. There is dust and smoke everywhere. The then New York mayor Rudy Giuliani orders the evacuation of Lower Manhattan.

13:04. President Bush says the U.S. military at bases around the planet is on alert.

17:20. Another of the buildings of the World Trade Center is driven to the ground. “The 47-storey 7 World Trade Center fell as a result of damage caused by the collapse of the previous two skyscrapers,” said the Huffington Post.

20:30. President Bush of the White House Oval Office speaks to the Americans. Meanwhile, a high-ranking source reveals to CNN that there is ample evidence that Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaeda terrorist organization are responsible for a terrorist attack of unprecedented proportions.

23:00. In the ruins of the ruined Twins, rescuers are looking for survivors. They’re pulling Off Officer Will Jimen. His story will later be shown in the film World Trade Center.

September 12, 1:28 p.m. The last living man is saved from the ruins of the North Tower. “Genelle Guzman has been imprisoned in the rubble for twenty-seven hours,” recalls The Washington Post. Saving a young woman is the last bright moment. From now on, rescuers will only pull dead bodies out of the wreckage.

WHAT’S NEXT. The damaged Pentagon is repaired within a year of the attack. The last wreckage was removed from the site of the Twins in May 2002. The death toll climbed to 2,977. More than 25,000 people were injured.


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