9 Grave Diggers Retreat in Burial Demolition in Gresik, Here’s the Reason


A total of 35 people registered as grave diggers to carry out the demolition of graves and transfer of bodies in Sumbersuko Hamlet, Lebanisuko Village, Wringinanom District, Gresik. However, 9 of them resigned leaving 26 officers.

“Initially, there were 35 people on the list, now there are only 26 people. Before the demolition started there were 9 people who withdrew,” said Mustofa, the village head of Lebanisuko, quoted from detikJatimSaturday (25/6/2022).

Mostopha revealed the reason the 9 people resigned. Some did not dare to dismantle the tomb, some said they could not stand to see the corpse.

“Some are not strong, some are afraid, some are afraid that they will be visited at night. Various reasons. Yes, I don’t pay. Those diggers are actually Lebanisuko villagers,” said Mustofa.

Demolition of Graves Impact of KLBM Toll Road Construction

The existence of the KLBM Toll Road construction project caused the tomb in Sumbersuko Hamlet, Lebanisuko Village, Wringinanom District, Gresik, to be demolished. Around 390 graves had to be dismantled and their bodies moved to new graves.

“There are around 390 graves. This is the impact of the construction of the KLBM toll road. So, like it or not, they have to be dismantled and moved,” said the village head of Lebanisuko Mustofa.

Hundreds of bodies from the public tomb were transferred to a new tomb which is about 600 meters from the old tomb. The bodies were transported alternately by ambulance. The transfer of bodies has been going on since last Monday (20/6/2022).

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Watch the video ‘There are still intact bodies of Covid-19 at the Demolition of the KLBM Project Tomb’:

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