Technology 9 tips that will improve the range of your...

9 tips that will improve the range of your wifi

These are some methods that will help you improve the reach of the wifi in your house. Photo: Unsplash


There are several factors that limit the scope of the wifi in your house. Maybe some objects that interfere between your router and your electronic devices that use the internet.

Fortunately, there are tricks simple to help improve the connection.

Comes with some of the following below you on this list.

1. Changes the position. The antennas of your router are omni-directional. This means that transmitted signals in each direction with the same strength, so it is suggested you place it in a central location of where you are going to be, for example, your home. In addition, try to place it in a high position to reduce interference.

2. Change your antenna. You can replace the antenna that comes with the router, as most are removable. There are antennas for high range using the total power to transmit in a single direction. If you place it towards the target with increased strength you will achieve an increase of range of between 25 and 40%.

3. Convierte your antenna omni-directional in one of a single address. Under your antenna, put a piece of metal, which will reflect all of the radiation that comes towards the opposite direction, thus increasing the signal. A piece of aluminum foil which used in the kitchen could serve.

Photo: Pixabay

4. Increases the power of your router. Some allow you to increase it, if so put it in its fullest extent. You can do it from the web page of the router.

5. Removes objects around the router. Metal objects, books, toys, etc, can cause interference, which means less range.

6. Use a second router. If you have another router you can double the coverage area. You’ll need to spend a little money to buy a Ethernet cable will help you connect it.

7. Use repeaters. You’ll also have to spend a bit of money, but this electronic device will help you increase the scope.

8. Select the ideal channel. The routers can be transmitted on different channels, as well as what makes a radio station. All are in the range of 2.4 Ghz. Most routers give you the option to select a channel or frequency, so select the one that gives maximum scope.

9. Reduces interference. There are many devices such as smartphones, microwaves, baby monitors, garage doors, among others, that use the same frequency and cause interference. Try not to place them near the router. For example, instead of placing your cell phone close, put it on the other side of the bedroom.

These are some methods that will help you improve the reach of the wifi in your house.


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