9 words of Pablo Escobar to teach to speak Spanish

The success abroad of series like Narcos It has inspired a particular way of teaching the Spanish language, based on the popular jargon of the drug cartels.

The language learning platform Babbel has offered its audience “a fun way” to learn to speak like Pablo Escobar, the famous Colombian drug trafficker of the 80s and 90s in Colombia.

Narcos, series that arrives on the screen of Channel 1 next Monday, October 19 from 10:30 pm, inspired the developers of this educational App to teach how to speak like an “infamous Colombian drug trafficker.”

According to him Babbel release, the following words and phrases are used frequently by “Don Pablo” in the series Narcos.

Also pay attention to curious definitions they do in English of these expressions of the underworld.


1. Silver or lead

«Imagine yourself standing in front of an armed threat, with a pistol brandished, yelling at you silver or lead . Your mind races. Lead : it sounds so rounded, so smooth, so innocent … The payment Instead, it is full of plosive consonants and sharp vowels. You say, “lead”, and it’s your last expression ».

2. Billetic

«In Colombia, and more specifically in the world of drug traffickers, ‘a ticket’ it’s a lot of money and ‘a billetico ‘ it’s a lot of money. ‘

3. Gonorrhea

«GOnorrhea is one of the many graphic insults of our favorite drug traffickers from the homonymous series. It is sonorous, creative and simple.

4. Eat shit

There is no polite and concise form in English; we don’t have a personal pronoun or a particular verb conjugation. In fact, English teachers often joke that we compensate for this simply by using more words. So maybe ‘eat shit’ can be roughly translated as, please kindly consume fecal matter . Perhaps”.

5. M’ijo

«It implies affection, tenderness, affection, and it is the contraction of my and son, which translates as my son. There is a lot of surrogacy in Narcos, with m’ijo, m’ija and m’ijito lovingly exchanged among the traffickers. So now you know that if Pablo calls you ‘m’ijo’, you can relax… for now ».

6. Paisa

“This is what the inhabitants of Antioquia and the Eje Cafetero (Quindío, Risaralda and Caldas) are called, which is the region in which Medellín is located. Medellín is the nerve center of the series and the life of Pablo Escobar. A paisa is a comrade, someone who shares your roots, a partner or a brother, or, as they also say in Colombia, a parce ».

7. Gringo (motherfucker)

«You probably already know what a gringo is. It’s used in many Spanish-speaking countries to refer to foreigners and mostly people from the US As for the motherfucker, well that’s a pretty negative spin on the noun it describes. As we have already learned, son means son, and the rest… let’s say it has a very literal translation in English.

8. Pattern

«The boss is the boss. In context: “Well, we do what the boss says and that’s it.”

9. Asshole

“An asshole describes someone who is cowardly, shy and a bit slow, often characterized by a somewhat chaotic lifestyle. On the Narcos scale of insults, he is arguably the weakest.

In addition, in a video you will see people from other countries trying to pronounce the following aphorisms of the macabre character in the history of Colombia.

Remember that next Monday, October 19, you can see Narcos through Channel 1 from 10:30 pm, a series to complement a strategy of different, inclusive and independent programming.


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