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Hannover 96 is in the depths of the crisis and faces, once again, a "final". Last Sunday schalke 04 – and according to the latest statements of 96-Boss Martin child perhaps also to the work of sports director Horst Heldt and coach Thomas Doll. On Thursday, the duo commented on the situation in the Bundesliga.

For a coach whose work should be suspended by a thread, Thomas Doll relaxed on Thursday. Or does the 52-year-old manage to switch directly to press conference mode after years in professional football, as soon as he sits in front of the microphones? As always in the last two months, the coach of the penultimate Bundesliga Hannover 96 spooled his program and saved before today's game against Schalke 04 (15:30 clock / in the NDR Live Center) not with his usual phrases .

Doll: "Cut, fight, reward yourself"

Hannover 96: no one spoke of simple

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The Hannover coach Thomas Doll is under pressure after six seven-game defeats before the Bundesliga duel with FC Schalke 04.

How did the team handle swatter 0: 5 in the Arminia Bielefeld test? "C & # 39; was a good reaction on the training ground." What do you expect from your team? "We have to punch everything. Boys should be selfless and rewarding." Is there any possibility of relegation? "We want to make impossible impossible."

That doll might not be able to make the impossible possible on another defeat, club boss Martin Kind, on Wednesday. The coach of 96 was calm. "I've been around a long time and I've seen a lot, and this is not a big problem in the team, we have to hide everything, our goal is at the weekend," said Doll.

Heldt: "Plane for the first and second league"

Critical sports director Horst Heldt was also emphasized when he observed his situation and the rumors of an imminent replacement and stressed: "I plan the first and second divisions, nothing else I heard".

The Jonathas striker could be out on Sunday

Further information

96-Boss child considers a timely separation of coach Doll apparently for very questionable financial reasons. However, prospectively, he can imagine personal changes.

In the duel with the stumbled Schalke Doll goes with a recipe, which should please his counterpart Huub Stevens. "It would be important for zero to be there." He did at Doll's time but only in 2-0 against Nurnberg, otherwise he gave Hannover at least three goals. But personal alternatives, the coach in defense has virtually no. The attack also threatens the loss of Jonathas. "This will be a race against time," said Doll, who concluded almost philosophically: "Life is better when you win games."

Possible Hanover training 96

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