A 12-O under the whistle syndrome: Sánchez alienates the public and blames the PP in advance

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The parade on the occasion of October 12 has had two high points for years: discovering the identity of the Legion’s goat – which today will be a goat baptized Pacoli-, and measure the popularity of the head of the Government in front of the public gathered at the military parade. Noise in the form of insults and whistles bother to the presidents in office, but it is something that is already part of the normality of the parade, no matter how much Pedro Sánchez may not like it. Because if the head of the Executive last year made King Felipe and Queen Letizia wait and arrived late to the military parade to expose himself less, this year the authorities’ tribune has bunquerized to distance politicians from the general public. Although the excuse is the construction of a bicycle lane, the truth is that the public will be further away from the president.

At eleven in the morning, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia will arrive at the royal tribune. Behind, in another vehicle, will travel the Princess of Asturias, who returns to the parade after two years of absence and as a lady cadet of the General Military Academy. The Heiress will wear the uniform of the cadets and he will take his place, to the right of his father, in the Tribune. At first it was considered that he would parade alongside his second year classmates who will march in the second group on foot. However, to guarantee security, that idea has been discarded.

The Kings and the Princess will greet the authorities, a moment of greatest exposure for Pedro Sánchez, as once again he will try to get as close as possible to Don Felipe and Doña Letizia and endure less whistles. The Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, She was very critical last Tuesday in the last Council of Ministers with the boos. “Every time the Popular Party does not govern in this country, the National Festival stops being everyone’s party and becomes the party of insults,” she stated. “And what we from the Government demand is respect for the National Holiday, which is the holiday of all Spaniards,” she defended.

Robles acknowledged yesterday that «there have always been whistles» but he also said that «whoever goes to Armed Forces Day to make an expression of bad Education What he does is, first, disrespect his majesty the King, who is the one who presides over the parade. Secondly, it disrespects the Spanish Armed Forces and all those who are parading, and then it also disrespects the vast majority of citizens, who what they want is to enjoy themselves and have a good day.

A party that this year is marked by negotiations between the Socialist Party and the Catalan independentists to find a way – through amnesty – to obtain their support in the investiture.

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