A 15-year truce is breached by Real Madrid… Meringue is close to stealing Atletico’s jewel

A different kind of theft that Real Madrid is targeting from its neighbor

At the level of the youth stages, there was an implicit agreement that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid committed to banning any player from one team to the other while he is in the lower age stages, and that if this was done, let it be in clear coordination between the two parties, but it seems that this agreement has held for about 15 years old, about to break.

The newspaper “Marca” reported that Real Madrid is about to sign Atletico Madrid’s youth star Jesus Fortia, a winger who is only 15 years old.

The player who joined Atletico Madrid from Levante and joined the “Cadet” category in the Atletico Madrid youth academy, his representatives sat down with Real Madrid officials and the points were put on words regarding how to conclude a future deal for his inclusion.

That meeting ended with arranging a new meeting date, and last Saturday Atlético de Madrid was informed by the player’s representatives that Fortia did not want to continue.

The reaction at the Wanda Metropolitano was huge disappointment and anger, they are losing one of the team’s most unique jewels and great potential, and because the player’s agent Tony Muñoz at the moment does not have a good relationship with the management of Atletico Madrid, it has become frightening that new names are being addressed to leave. Rojiblancos juniors.

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Real Madrid are also close to 12-year-old rookie Nacho Alameda, who is a midfield and captain of his senior year at Atletico Madrid, and Bayern Munich have been tempting 16-year-old very promising midfielder Javier Fernandez.

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