A 16-year-old man from Brussels recreated the STIB metro network on Minecraft: “The hardest station to make was Erasme”

A young 16-year-old YouTuber has recreated the entire STIB metro network in the famous Minecraft video game. And the Brussels public transport company appreciated the gesture, to the point of sharing its creation.

Mickaël Ba, alias “DoctorGaffle” on YouTube, at 16 years old. He is currently studying rheto in Brussels.

Like many players, he is a fan of Minecraft, an (old) video game in which you can build all kinds of scenery with blocks. And at the same time, he loves the Brussels metro because he has used it almost daily since he was little.

He therefore merged his two passions thanks to a “mod” (an option, a ‘modification’ of the original video game) which makes it possible to create train lines. He thus recreated the STIB metro network!

In total, it took him more than 400 hours of play. He did it alone after school and during the holidays… “I relied heavily on images found on the internet and YouTube videos. The station that was the most difficult to make was Erasme, because it has a rather particular architecture”, he told us.

STIB shared his creations, and he felt honoured:

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