A 19-year-old girl in the US, sentenced to three months in jail for abortion

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A 19-year-old girl in Nebraska (USA) has been sentenced to three months in prison for having used abortion pills on her own and subsequently buried the fetus, The US media reported this Friday.

As part of an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, Celeste Burgess, what had 17 years old when she terminated her pregnancy, declared culpable at the beginning of the year from the position of hide and abandon a corpse.

His mother, Jessica Burgess, is also being investigated by the State Justice for having helped their daughter to abort after 20 weeks of gestation, the legal limit at the time in the state, and for handling “human remains.”

The young woman’s mother could receive a maximum of two years in jail if she is found guilty.

The Burgess abortion case exploded onto the national scene after the prosecution will use private Facebook messages between mother and daughter as evidence at trial.

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