A 250 euros coupon offered by Leclerc, watch out for this scam on social networks

No, Leclerc supermarkets do not offer a 250 euro purchase coupon “to help” their customers, in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. Since Tuesday, a scam, spotted by 20 Minutes, has been widely shared on social networks.

“To help our loyal customers, we offer everyone a free coupon of 250 euros,” it wrote on the Facebook post with a photo of a Leclerc. To be able to access this voucher, you must share the publication and click on a link to answer a questionnaire.

Collection of personal data

It is in no way an offer of “solidarity” offered by the brand but a recurring scam on social networks. On Twitter, a user details the manipulation: “The site asks you three questions about E. Leclerc then says that you must send the message to 20 contacts on WhatsApp to receive your coupon. For this, he asks you to authorize him to access to your WhatsApp account, so to your contacts. “

Faced with the virality of the publication, Leclerc assured 20 Minutes not to be at the origin of this offer and urged caution. This scam is only intended to collect the personal data of Internet users responding to the questionnaire.

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