A 3-year-old child forgotten outside by the daycare

Traumatized parents are suing a daycare center in the Laurentians, whose managers forgot their child outside. The 3-year-old boy was later found walking on Route 117.

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  • Listen to Félix Séguin’s column at Richard Martineau’s microphone on QUB radio:

Listen to Félix Séguin’s column at Richard Martineau’s microphone on QUB radio:

“A few months ago, just imagining it in that place, I was still freaking out badly”, testifies Laurence Le Maigat, resident of Saint-Sauveur.

On March 8, she received a call from the private daycare her child attended, Ateliers educatif Caroline et ses amis, in Piedmont. “I arrive on the spot and I see police cars,” she says.

His son William, who was 3 years old at the time, had just been picked up by a motorist, while he was walking alone on Route 117.

The child had been forgotten outside after the morning outing, can we read in the formal notice dated September 30, of which The newspaper got a copy.

Good Samaritan

“We think he was trying to get home […]. The cars were honking because William was trying to cross […]. We really had a lucky star”, sighs Mme Le Maigat.

“Not only did they forget it, but then they didn’t realize it… I still can’t accept it. It’s negligence,” she said.

“The primary role of a daycare center is to ensure the safety of children,” recalls Ms.e Jimmy Lambert, the attorney of record. There is necessarily a gross fault, a clear fault.


As a result of the incident, the boy developed a fear of cars, he had recurring nightmares. He also regressed in terms of cleanliness and language.

Due to the emotional shock, the parents had to take time off work and receive psychological or psychiatric treatment.

Mme Le Maigat was only able to resume her work as a full-time administrative assistant in mid-July. “I had a lot of trouble concentrating,” says the one who had to be treated for post-traumatic shock.

For months, she was unable to trust a new daycare.

“There are still ups and downs. I am much more anxious. I did not have them before, these anxieties.

The family is therefore asking the daycare center to pay them more than $24,000 in damages, it is indicated in the formal notice.

An investigation has reportedly been opened with the Ministry of Family regarding the incident. At the time of publication, however, the ministry had not responded to our questions.

For its part, the daycare did not want to make any comment, the file being in the hands of the lawyers.

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