A 3D printed vegetable steak ready to be eaten

“Your vegetable steak, I print it to you perfectly, rare or well cooked?” A question that seems to come out of a science fiction film but that could soon become reality. The Israeli start-up SavorEat is busy building a machine capable of 3D printing and cooking food simultaneously.

In an interview with The Spoon, the founder of the start-up Rapheli Vizman, explains that her team is ready to start testing in the kitchens of one of the largest fast-food chains in Israel, BBB (Burgus Burger Bar), by one year.

Ready to eat

It is not the first time that start-ups have managed to print meat in 3D. But two things distinguish technology from SavorEat. First, the choice of binder, a 100% vegetable cellulose. “We use cellulose to bind a variety of vegetable fats and proteins as well as flavors and the combination gives a very stable emulsion,” says Rapheli Vizman.

In the end, you get something that is ready to eat.

Rapheli Vizman, founder of the start-up SavorEat

But the most important difference is that the printer delivers a product ready for tasting. “We print a layer, then we cook a layer, print a layer, cook a layer. So in the end, you get something that is ready to eat, ”says the founder of SavorEat.

The appliance also allows you to choose the cooking mode. “You can decide if you want it perfectly done, if you want it rare, well done.”

Remains to raise $ 3.5 million. And the start-up looks set to start: an investment fund in Israeli food technology has already invested 1.75 million in the company.

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