A 60-year-old worker dies in the collapse of a ruined building in Calatayud

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And 60 year old man has died this Tuesday in the Zaragoza town of calatayud during work to demolish a building declared in ruins.

According to municipal sources, the partial collapse from one of the facades of the building, located next to the railway station, has fallen on top of the machine where the deceased worker was.

At that time they were in the personal place of the City Council and Local Police, so the emergency services were quickly notified that they could not do anything to save his life.

It so happens that the deceased is very well-known both in Calatayud and in the region, since he was the father of the rejoneador Mario Perez Langa.

The Calatayud City Council, through a mayoral decree, had decided the controlled demolition of the building, in full view of various technical reports that warned of the danger of the property and after declaring its ruin.

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