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In the early morning of tomorrow, the Premier League will usher in a heavy showdown, the North London Derby! Arsenal vs Tottenham.

When Arsenal step onto the Spurs pitch, the hostility they will feel will be stronger than ever.

Anger and frustration have been simmering in the Tottenham camp since the match, originally scheduled for January, was postponed by the Premier League due to Arsenal’s lack of available players.

The decision sparked huge controversy, with Tottenham arguing that Arsenal were profiting from the use of the new crown rules, when the Gunners actually only had one player out because of the new crown.

Arsenal, however, insisted that the team did nothing wrong, and they still do.

Arteta said: “It’s been a long time since what happened. This game had to be played and the season is coming to an end. The importance of this game has increased significantly and the situation between the two teams has changed. “

There is no doubt that this postponed North London derby will be different because of the current standings.

Before the game, Arsenal ranked fourth in the Premier League, four points ahead of fifth-placed Tottenham, and if they win, the Gunners will be in the Champions League for the first time since 2017.

A draw is also acceptable, in which case Arsenal can secure a place with just one win in the last two rounds. The Gunners’ last two opponents are Newcastle United and Everton.

For Tottenham, there is only one way to go, and this will be the most significant North London derby in recent years.

Arteta quote

“This is our chance to accomplish what we haven’t been able to achieve for years, and this game is decisive,” said Arteta.

“Usually, unless it’s a championship game, other games don’t have such significance. But we understand what this game can bring us, it’s very important.”

“[欧冠联赛]It’s what we’re after, and that’s what we’ve lost in the past few years, which has affected everything from popularity to the environment to the economy. “

“We want to get everything back on track.”

Arsenal’s victory will be extremely crucial to Arteta’s rebuilding of the team.

Failure to enter the Champions League for five years has severely hit the Gunners’ income, and the subsequent new crown epidemic has exacerbated this situation.

When Arsenal played in the Europa League, they reached the final once and reached the semi-finals twice, but the economic income they received was far lower than that of the Champions League.

Tottenham, on the other hand, has reached the Champions League in four of the past five seasons and moved into the newly built luxury stadium.

The White Lily also surpassed Arsenal in the Premier League earning list. This kind of scenario, a few years ago, people may have thought it was unimaginable.

Tomiyasu Son

Arsenal are shortlisted for the Champions League and advance to the group stage, and will receive an additional income of about 70 million pounds.

The Gunners could earn £30m if they just finish the group stage. Of course, all of this is just a conservative estimate, not counting commercial sponsorships for reaching the Champions League.

Economically speaking, the Champions League and the Europa League are completely incomparable.

Manchester United are the worst-performing Premier League clubs in the Champions League this season, with a bonus of around £55 million when they advance to the last 16.

In addition, game day earnings are also a large source of income. Arsenal’s pricing for the Champions League can far exceed the Europa League. The Gunners would ideally earn £4-4.5 million per home game. If you count these, and advance to the top 16, you can get a total of 12-13 million pounds more.

So, the total Champions League revenue will be around £70 million.

Arteta quote

These financial incentives are also very important for Arsenal in this summer transfer window. The Gunners hope to be able to recruit again and continue to hit the Premier League crown.

Arteta has a long-term plan for the transfer, hoping to bring in two strikers, a midfielder and a full-back.

In addition, many of the main players in the Arsenal team are in contract renewal negotiations, including Saka, Martinelli and others.

The economic benefits brought by the Champions League can help the management negotiate with the players well, and at the same time make the team a new owner more favored by transfer targets including Jesus and Tillermans.

Entering the Champions League, you can also suppress the sworn enemy Tottenham by the way, so that Bai Lily’s income has dropped significantly, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

Tomorrow’s early morning clash is so important, it’s no wonder Arteta is comparing it to a cup final.

In recent years, the North London derby has been reduced to a spectacle, but this time, the game has been given more meaning.

“If we win, we will enter the Champions League, this goal does not need to be mobilized.” Arsenal coach Arteta stressed.

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