A. Anušauskas about the Iskander complexes in Belarus: renewal of Putin’s military blackmail

“Putin, who is constantly blackmailing the West, has not forgotten to resume military blackmail. Mr Lukashenko has proposed upgrading his SU-25 to carry a nuclear weapon and handing over the Iskander-M tactical missile complex to Belarus in the next few months. “The same people who are already in Belarus and who shot in Ukraine,” the minister writes on Facebook.

He emphasizes that NATO decisions on air defense are currently awaited.

“However, we should start talking about adding to the arsenal of asymmetric measures. For example, the pre-deployment of the M142 HIMARS mobile missile systems before we acquire our own systems in a few years.

Also due to the increase of aviation capabilities in Lithuania – now that we do not have the opportunity to create a percussion aviation unit, we should look more creatively at the creation of additional aviation capabilities in Lithuania in the NATO format. Even by training our pilots, transferring additional capacity to the eastern flank, the burden of which we would share. Of course, these would not be one-day solutions and not implemented here, which should be assessed first by military experts.

“Reuters” / “Scanpix” nuotr./ “Iskander”

These are just ideas and sensitive topics (and the asymmetric response may be even different), but to respond to the fact that one dictator is offering another dictator to share nuclear pampersaisit will still be necessary, “says A. Anušauskas.

Lukashenko said last November that Minsk would like to receive several Iskander M divisions from Russia to deploy them to the country’s western and southern borders.

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“As we have agreed with you, and you have raised such an issue, a decision has been made. In the coming months, we will hand over to Belarus the Iskander M tactical missile complex, which can use both ballistic and cruise missiles, “Putin said during a meeting with authoritarian Belarusian leader Aliaksandr Lukashenko in St. Petersburg on Saturday.

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