A baby dies and three others are hospitalized after consuming fentanyl at a New York daycare

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The New York Police have arrested Grei Méndez De Venturaowner of a daycare in the Bronx and her neighbor Carlisto Acevedo Britofor the death of a child and the hospitalization of three others after the children accidentally consumed fentalline.

It is not clear how the children were able to access this dangerous drug that is an epidemic in the United States, but according to the Police, they would have consumed it before taking their daily nap.

When the caregivers prepared to wake up the little ones, some did not react. They then called the medical services, which were in charge of supplying them with Narcan, the antidote to counteract the effect of the fentanyland then they were taken to the hospital

Grei Mendez, owner of the nursery ‘Divine child’and his neighbor now face 11 charges, ranging from murder and manslaughter to causing serious injury and possession of narcotics.

And the Police found multiple drugs and a press to make pills in the daycare center. In addition, they suspect that Acevedo Brito, the neighbor of the owner of the kindergarten and who lived in a basement under the daycare, was dedicated to the manufacture and sale of narcotics.

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