A backpack that says there is a bomb makes a commotion in Siantar

The residents of Pematangsiantar City were shocked by the discovery of a backpack that reads a bomb, Monday (30/8/2021) afternoon.

The discovery of the mysterious bag was left by an unknown person (OTK) on Jalan MH Sitorus, Teladan Village, Siantar Barat District, Monday afternoon.

According to journalists’ observations at the location, the brown backpack seemed to have been hung by its owner (OTK) on one of the iron poles at the location (TKP).

Meanwhile, at the location, it was also seen that a number of officers from the Pematang Siantar Resort Police had arrived at the scene and installed a police line. Not only that, a number of police officers are also on guard at the location.

Meanwhile, Siantar Police Chief AKBP Boy Sutan Binanga Siregar when interviewed by reporters at the location said that his party did not know exactly what was in the bag. “If we don’t know the contents, we are still waiting for orders from the leadership,” he said.

AKBP Boy Siregar also said that his party would coordinate with the North Sumatra Police Gegana Team to find out the contents of the bag. “We have coordinated with the Gegana Team of the North Sumatra Police, and because there is an inscription there is a bomb in the bag, then we just follow the procedure,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, at the location, a number of police officers are still on guard while waiting for the arrival of the North Sumatran Police Gegana Team.(tius)

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