A bank that owns 2,500 brands in Mexico

Banamex, a subsidiary company that was put up for sale by the US bank Citi, has forged its presence in the minds of its Mexican clients through more than 2,500 brands related to financial services.

Between 2001 and 2016, Grupo Financiero Banamex and its subsidiaries registered 2,152 brands, where Banamex appears, to offer savings, loan, mortgage, foreign exchange, retirement and investment funds, foundations and sports services, according to documents reviewed by Forbes Mexico.

After Citi bought Banamex in 2001, in order to show the bank’s new image, 351 brands were created to reach customers with the Citibanamex seal. In addition to this, Citigroup has registered 225 brands to offer other banking services in Mexico under its name and other brands.

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The change to Citibanamex

On October 5, 2016, Banco Nacional de México (Banamex) announced that its brand name changed and as of that day it was Citibanamex.

Ernesto Torres Cantú, then CEO of Banamex, stated that the main objective of the name change was to demonstrate that Citi and Banamex were a single entity.

“Banamex has been a subsidiary of Citigroup for more than 15 years, by virtue of the fact that in 2001 Citigroup acquired Grupo Financiero Banamex, as can be deduced from the extracts of various articles above, the brand composed of the signs ‘Citi’ and ‘Banamex’ is indicative of the origin of the products and services that are offered or provided under the Citibanamex brand”, explained Adolfo Athié Cervantes, representative of Citigroup Inc. and Banamex.

The legal representative of the Mexican bank at the time stated that there was no confusion, since consumers who perceived the Citibanamex brand would be very clear that the co-owners of said brand were precisely the two financial groups jointly.

“He is not carrying out any act of bad faith to dilute, weaken or associate the fame of the aforementioned brands,” the lawyer stated in a brief filed on December 4, 20217 before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).

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For the transformation, Citigroup executives created 351 brands to reach their consumer banking customers such as Citibanamex, Citibanamex Aqui, Citibanamex Premier, Citibanamex Notifications, Citibanamex Afore, Citibanamex Audiomático, Citibanamex Cajero Automático, Citibanamex Lite, Citibanamex Mobile, Citibanamex Pay, Citibanamex Accounts, Citibanamex Profiles.

Other hallmarks to boost your business and your business relationships in Mexico are Citibanamex Jovenes de Excelencia, Citibanamex Fomento Cultural, Citibanamex Educación Financiera, Citibanamex B Smart Universidad, Citibanamex Rewards, Citibanamex Prestige and Citibanamex La Verde.

Citibanamex Seguros, SA de CV, a member of Grupo Financiero Citibanamex, owns 343 brands related to the sale of insurance and policies to Mexicans. In turn, Impulsora de Fondos, SA de CV, investment fund operator and member of Grupo Financiero Citibanamex, has another 66 registered trademarks.

Banco Nacional de México, Sociedad Anónima, owns 1,178 brands linked to financial and banking services operated in the Mexican Republic.

Banco Nacional de México, SA, a member of Grupo Financiero Banamex, has registered more than 349 brands of banking and financial services offered in Mexico.

Seguros Banamex, SA de CV has 147 registered trademarks for its services, as well as Banco Nacional de México, SA Member of Grupo Financiero Banamex Accival, SA de CV has 21 commercial seals for its services. And other subsidiaries and even the Banamex Union.

Among the brands that are saved and will be transferred to their new owners are Banco Nacional de México, Banamex, Banamex Wallet, Banamex Center for the Development of Family Businesses, Banamex White Gold, Banamex Line.

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They are also Sowing Hopes Banamex, Review of the Economic Situation of Mexico, Review of the Economic Situation of Mexico, Primero Banamex, Cajero Express Banamex, Kiosko Banamex, Con Banamex Ganas por Ganas, Sustainable Business Credit Banamex, Smart Beats, APP Banamex, LifeStyle Concierge and direct payment Banamex.

Other brands are Signature Everything with your Cell Phone, Asset Management, Tie Your Banamex rate, the Mortgage to your measure, Viajero Banamex, Ganas al Instante, Black Sale, El Banco Digital de México, El Mejor Tuesday, Base Banamex,, Choose, Buy and Win, You Are Great Mexico, Accept Banamex Mobile!, Banamex Orion, Banamex Solve Businesses, Fulfilled Client Club, Sign it with Banamex Debit, Banamex Credit for Pensioners, Effective Collection, Accival. Value in Your actions; With Banamex Credit Cards, you always win, I sign and I am part. All those commercial phrases will come to life.

Citi’s other brands

Citigroup has 225 trademarks registered to offer other banking services in Mexico, which do not bear the Citibanamex seal and are more linked to its business in the United States.

El banco de origen estadounidense registró sus marcas Citi, Citi Welcome What’s Next, Canvas Designed By Citi,  Citimanager, Spring By Citi, For the Love Of Progress, Sonido de Citigroup, Citi Private Banking for Global Citizens, Thankyou Citi Rewards y Citibank Thankyou.

Otras marcas son Citi The World’s Citi, Citi Prestige, Citi Perspectivas, MM, Citi Mobile Collect, CitiFX Tradestream, Citigold, Citi Network Direct, Private Pass, Citi Collaborate, Citimarkets, Live Well At Citi,  Thankyou From Citi, Priority, Citi on Campus, Citi Simplicity, D10X.

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