A banner, a closed fist and a bracelet with the ’10’: Spain and Sweden show their "lucha" before the match

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The players from Spain and Sweden knew they were the center of attention and did not hesitate to take advantage of it to send a double message.

To the world, with a pose united behind a banner that read “#It’s Over. Our fight is the global fight“(Our fight is a global fight).” TO Jenni Hermoso the other, posing with a clenched fist, empowered, with a tape as a bracelet on their wrist on which each one wrote ‘It’s over’ next to a 10, the number that the Vallecana wore in the World Cup.

The internationals respected all the protocol acts required by UEFA, serious in the anthems, with the exchange of pennants, but when it was time to pose, the Spanish, who had already raised their voices, showed their wrists remembering who was missing. It was then when Alexia, who did not serve as captain even though she appeared that way in the official lineups, looked for the banner, displayed it and the Swedes hugged each other.

There were not only gestures on the grass. The stands also responded. Since Spain got off the bus upon arrival at Gamla Ullevi received the respect of the Swedish fans with applause and shouts of encouragement. In the entertainment area of ​​the stadium, home of the Swedish women’s team and full for its debut in the Nations League, two banners could also be read. One with the motto that for football is equivalent to #MeToo: “It’s over” and another with a meaning “With you. Jenny and La Roja” and a Swedish flag.

Although the ball once again took center stage, no one forgets what the world champions have experienced in this month that should have been one of continuous celebration.

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