A Basque and a Sevillian, those missing after the Hamas attack on Israel: "I think they caught him and his wife"

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Both missing Spaniards After the attack perpetrated by Hamas on Israel at dawn on October 7, they now have an identity. As published The confidentialis about a young basque 46 years old and one sevillian girl of 19. The first of them is Iván Illarramendi Saizar, Basque, originally from the Guipuzcoan town of Zarautz. According to one of Iván’s aunts to elmundo.es, the young man has been living and working in Israel for a couple of years. “He married an Israeli and I think they are both detained. That’s all I know,” says the aunt over the phone, explaining that she believes her nephew “was caught two or three days ago” and that his family in Spain found out. this Sunday.

According to the first information, Ivan Illarramendi lives with his family in a Kibbutz, an agricultural village, near the Gaza Strip. Specifically, in Kissufim, just two kilometers from the strip. When they found out about the attacks, they had to go into a shelter. Although they had time to notify their parents of the situation, the police found their house empty and without signs of violence, which suggests that they had been kidnapped by the militias of Hamas.

The other girl is a 19 year old Sevillian, of Spanish and Israeli nationality, who was in Israel carrying out military service. Is about Maya Villalobo Sinvany, who was stationed at the Nahal Oz base at the time of the attack. Her father asked Minister Albares for help through social networks.

It is precisely the head of Spanish diplomacy who explained this Monday that there are “two Spaniards who have suffered from this attack since Gaza a Israel“.

“We are in contact with their families, trying to clarify and be able to help as much as possible,” the minister said in statements to RAC1. He did not want to specify whether the two affected Spaniards were injured: “It is information that we are discussing with the families. “he insisted. On TVE’s La Hora de La1 they have also asked about these two Spaniards, however, Albares has insisted on maintain discretion about the whereabouts of these two people. EL MUNDO obtained the same response when consulting the minister’s cabinet.

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