A Battlefield 5 fan made a single picket in the developer's office and got his way


Fans of Reddit and Battlefield 5 have promised to protest in the office of the Dice studio, if the developers hadn't updated the store in the game in the near future, but realizing that for this he needed to fly to Stockholm, he started to reject the promise. He was then rescued by a Swedish player, who organized a single rally near the Dice office and won. Although with reservations.

Players often criticize developers simply by adding different skins and other beats instead of working to improve the gameplay, but not all players have the same opinion. Thus, the user Reddit with the nickname CrunchyArcade got angry with the developers of the Swedish studio Dice, because they hadn't updated the store in the game for a long time, and made a pretty powerful promise.

He says, I swear to God. If you sell the same garbage in 12 hours, I'm going to protest in your study.

Of course, in 12 hours, nothing has changed and other users have requested proof of protest. More recently, a similar situation occurred on Picaba, when one of the users suddenly claimed to have Need for Speed ​​as a child, where Mr. Bean was riding a wheelbarrow and, consequently, the user went to the village for tests. However, the publisher was not so decisive.


I live in the north of Stockholm and I don't work tomorrow. Do you want me to do it?original

The Swede would not have retired. On the advice of other users, he prepared a poster with a simple word DICE PLS.

And the next day, right from the scene, I uploaded a video from my single picket to Reddit.

A lot of Dice employees came to the comments with respect, and the company's community manager confirmed that they had already expressed the wishes of the fans at the address.


See you … And I told them that the weapons should be updated.original

True, other users immediately started joking in comments that, when applied to the Battlefield real-world interface, this studio fan would be accurately displayed as an enemy.





As for the purpose of the special operation, it can be considered a conditional success. The dice have in fact soon updated the shop inside the game, but for now they have added only old things that were already in the armory three months ago. This fact, however, does not at all prevent Reddit users from considering the Swedish player as their hero.

But which game has no dissatisfied fans, so this is a life simulator in the Russian residential area. And where else can you learn all about Russia without doing anything?

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