Home News A bear attacks a young woman and she defends herself… with your laptop

A bear attacks a young woman and she defends herself… with your laptop


(CNN) — A teenager in southern California had a wild awakening when the nap that I took outdoors turned into the attack of a bear.

Was able to survive to fend off the bear with the only weapon they had: a laptop computer.

The 19-year-old, of the city of Sierra Madre, fell asleep in the chair in the courtyard in the night of this Monday, he told CNN Patrick Foy, captain of Fishing and Wildlife.

“She woke up to the sound of a bear approaching to it,” said Foy. “Immediately attacked”.

The bear scratched the arms and legs of the young man, but then began to bite the leg. His wounds were not fatal.

“The only weapon she had was her laptop computer. Hit the bear with that and stunned enough to escape inside the house,” added Foy.

“She vigorously defended, which is what you do with any wild animal in California”, completed.

The local police responded to the incident, and then came agents of wildlife. The footsteps near and the sighting of a bear at around midnight provided the evidence that corroborated her story.

“This was an unprovoked attack and aggressive,” said Foy. The woman had no food and not got between a bear and her cubs.

“It is likely that the see you as a prey”, he said.

This is not the first time that a sleeping person has been attacked in the area. Last year, a homeless man was attacked by a bear was never trapped.

The young man took DNA samples from their wounds and were analyzed in a forensic laboratory. Foy indicated that the analysis provided to the officials of wildlife a full profile of DNA the next day.

On Tuesday night, agents of wildlife caught two bears in the immediate vicinity. We analyzed his DNA, but none coincided with the profile of the bear that attacked the woman.

The other two bears will be released in what Foy calls the “suitable habitat”nearest.

In this case, you will be taken to the Angeles National Forest, usually about 40 kilometres from where they were captured.

The bear that attacked the woman has not been found yet. If they find it, will be sacrificed.

California alone is home to black bears, although some are brown. There are No grizzly bears wild in the state.



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