A Belgian researcher discovers a molecule to fight against psoriasis: a pharmaceutical firm buys it for 4 million dollars

A new molecule discovered by the team of Belgian researcher Nathalie Franchimont was published on Saturday in the journal American Academy of Dermatology.
It was bought for $ 4 million by the pharmaceutical firm Takeda for its marketing, we learned on the sidelines of the visit of Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib to Boston, United States.

The operation was announced in a press release by the Japanese firm in early February. The molecule, called TYK2, aims to fight against psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases. It was developed by a research team led by Belgian professor Nathalie Franchimont, from the Nimbus Therapeutics laboratory located in the State of Massachusetts. The Takeda firm is also active in Belgium, with a site in Lessines (Hainaut).

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