Business A big jump in the price of gold in...

A big jump in the price of gold in the local market .. and the gram rises 10 c

12:50 PM

Saturday 02 May 2020

I wrote – Sherine Salah:

Gold prices in the local market jumped 10 pounds per gram today, Saturday 2-5 2020 compared to yesterday, supported by the rise in the price of the metal globally.

Naguib Club, Secretary General of the Gold Division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, told Masrawy that the price of a 21-gram gold price today was 745 pounds per gram, compared to 735 pounds per gram yesterday.

The price of a gram of 18 carat gold today rose to 646.2 pounds, 24 carats to 861.7 pounds, and the gold pound rose to 5960 pounds.

Globally, gold prices ended yesterday’s trading session up by 0.83% and valued at $ 13.9 an ounce.

According to Bloomberg data, the price of an ounce yesterday was recorded at the end of trading $ 1700.4.

Today and tomorrow is an official holiday for global stock exchanges.



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