A bird musical to put you in a bad mood

Fortunately, “Robin falls” is not a Cezinando musical. It’s just another bad theater performance at Vega Scene.

Birds feel with light cones. Even with up to several abortions, suicides and breakups, “Robin falls” never manages to touch its audience.

25. sep. 2022 21:08

Last updated today 10:48

“Robin falls” sells itself as a Cezinando musical, even if they don’t use those exact words. Instead, the theater writes that Rolf Kristian Larsen’s play is inspired by Cezinando’s texts. And that Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg’s compositions are based on his original music.

It is possible that this is true, but I think I get very little Cezinando in “Robin falls”. Instead, the performance is often pretentious and full of clichés. The contrast to Cezinando’s linguistic and rhythmic playfulness could hardly have been greater.

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