A BOLA – Sporting thrashes and stamps the ‘final four’ of the Champions League (Futsal)

It was with a handful that Sporting defeated Feldi Eboli (5-0), in the match of the 3rd and final round of Group A of the Futsal Champions League Elite Round, held this Saturday night, at PalaJacazzi, in Citta di Aversa (Italy).

Even knowing that the draw was enough to guarantee qualification for the ‘final four’ of the most important UEFA club competition, the lions were not fashionable, thrashed and ended the group with the full: three games and three wins (13 goals scored and only 4 conceded).

In the duel against the Italian team, Zicky Té, in the 10th minute, scored the only goal of the first half. But don’t think the match was balanced. Sporting had almost absolute dominance and can only complain about the fact that they didn’t go into the break with a more comfortable lead.

Maintaining momentum in the second half, but, above all, improving their finishing levels, Nuno Dias’ men played a second 20 minutes in the European image that they have built in recent years and, as such, it was not surprising that the scorer was expanded until the numbers reached the rout: Diego Cavinato, Miguel Ângelo, Diogo Santos and Anton Sokolov joined Zicky Té in the list of scorers and painted the final 5-0.

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