A “box of butter” raises panic in front of Mortada Mansour’s house..and a source reveals mf

07:32 PM

Monday, January 30, 2023

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

A security source revealed the circumstances of finding a foreign body in front of the house of Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, in the Mohandessin area.

The source said in statements to Masrawy that the incident dates back to the past 10 days, explaining what happened that the services appointed to secure the house of the President of Zamalek informed the help and the warden of the Agouza Police Department to find a carton that was suddenly thrown by a passerby.

The source added that the forces chased the suspect and seized him under the supervision of Colonel Mustafa Khalil, while the director of the Central Division notified the Civil Protection Operations Room, which sent officers from the Explosives Department. To find out what the body is.

The source indicated that the examination proved the negative of the report, and that the body was a “butter packet” that the accused stole from a car, and the policemen combed the vicinity of the house on Ahmed Orabi Street with sniffer dogs.

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