A British military ship collided with a Russian submarine, the ministry confirmed

The incident has now been confirmed by the UK Department of Defense, according to the BBC and The Times. The moment of the clash between a British ship and a Russian submarine was captured by a television crew filming a documentary.

The British vessel’s mission was documented for its Channel 5 series, according to which the ship set out to search for the submarine after it disappeared from its radar. The crew also sent a helicopter over the ocean to try to find the submarine. The footage captures the moment when a periscope and a communication mast appeared above the water surface, described The Times.

The Russian vessel then sank again and collided with a towing sonar, which the British ship pulled several hundred meters behind. At that moment, the cameras captured, among other things, a crew member who said, “What the hell was that?”

It is not clear whether the Russian submarine suffered damage, but the British ship had to return to the Scottish port after the collision to replace the damaged sonar, the BBC reported. According to her, the Ministry of Defense usually does not comment on its operations, but this time it made an exception because the incident was intercepted by cameras.

Finding a towed sonar in the sea would be like finding a needle in a haystack, navy sources told The Times, which said the crash was probably an unintentional accident. According to the BBC, a source from the Ministry of Defense also commented.


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