A bull from Pedraza de Yeltes wins the bullfight competition in Madrid

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A voluminous bull from Pedraza de Yeltes closed the contest bullfight to win it through quality. Beyond the horse, which was certainly the one that gave the best game in this third, despite the public’s anger with the president who changed the third after the second rod without taking into account the opinion of Gómez del Pilar. From that disagreement of anger for not having repeated the image of joy and frankness in the gallop to the new satisfaction for the hopeful start of the task. The bull came eagerly, got off the hook and even made the plane. The Toledoan’s command seemed to intimidate him after the third round. The work began to be diluted, partly because the bull did not respond with the same quality as at the beginning. The end of the task took another level, moving forward, searching for the inside. He signed good naturals, losing steps as the bull required then. The sword was left loose and the possible trophy was diluted.

Gómez del Pilar took the best lot. The first of his wore Victoriano del Río’s iron. He came in to replace the iron from La Palmosilla – which he won last year. The bull from the mountains of Madrid was a true train that was tame in the first thirds but had a behavior with options later on, somewhat discomposed and rough but noble. Del Pilar fought with him, signing moments of interest especially in nature, too.

It couldn’t be a better day for Serafín Marín’s return to Las Ventas after eight years than the day in La Merced. The Catalan was mature and tempered, from the Capotero greeting to the Resin Party, without background, without caste. An extraordinary average. With his crutch he showed his vertical aesthetics. The room was from Peñajara, with an impressive blanketed layer, but empty inside. A very serious bull, open-faced, stabbed to the point of fear. He didn’t give the Catalan any options, as he used sharp touches close by.

Rubén Pinar found himself in a hostile environment. In the first, of his countryman Samuel Flores, he tried but was too tame without being able to structure a task despite his good head. In the fifth, José Escolar tried to find his way given his noble condition, although he did not have the energy to break forward.

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