a candidate throws her cake in the trash, Cyril Lignac shocked (VIDEO)

In The best pastry chef, Margaux, disgusted at having missed the unmolding of her cake, threw it in the trash. This is how she served it to Cyril Lignac, Mercotte and their guest. A decision that dismayed the jury!

Last week, The best pastry chef got off to a flying start for its tenth season with the departure of six candidates. This Thursday, October 14, the fourteen remaining amateur pastry chefs were finally able to make their debut under the emblematic tent of the show. And for their first, Cyril Lignac and Mercotte had concocted for them a program worthy of another cult show on the channel, Love is in the meadow. Animals and farm products were indeed at the heart of the day’s trials. Cyril Lignac first asked candidates to “decline the egg in a trompe-l’oeil larger than life“. And Mercotte had prepared a particularly strong challenge for them: to make a Bzz Bzz Bee, a huge beehive cake made up of eight two-tone layers of lemon madeleine cookie and a creamy honey nectar.

A cat cake that ends up in the trash

The icing on the cake, for the last test, the candidates had to prepare a pastry bearing the image of their favorite farm animal. All under the expert eye of Christelle Brua, the pastry chef at the Élysée since 2019. Maud, the youngest in the competition, particularly shone in this event. His donkey has indeed caught the eye of the guest of the day, who even offered to take her as an apprenticeship. On the other hand, the exercise turned out to be much more difficult for Margaux, the cake design specialist. The hairdresser Chti missed the release of her cat cake. However, she had emphasized having chosen this theme in particular, because like the feline, she always fell back on her paws. An adage that has not been verified at all!

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Cyril Lignac and Mercotte dismayed by the candidate’s attitude

Her cake did not take and with rage, the young woman threw it in the trash. “When I took off my circle, the cake fell. And since I’m an impulsive person, well I got angry, I threw it away”, explained the candidate facing the camera, after leaving the tent. “I did not see the solution of how to fix it. So here I have no more cake”, she noted with bitterness. At the time of the tasting, Margaux chose to present her cake in the trash. An initiative that greatly displeased Mercotte. He’s in the trash, I’m hallucinating “, she noticed. “You preferred to throw it in the trash than to present it to us”, lamented Cyril Lignac, who would have liked to taste his achievement despite everything. “You’re not giving us the chance to discuss it”, tried to explain the chef to him. “I’ve been making the best pastry chef for ten years, I’ve ever seen that”, he concluded relentlessly.

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