A cayuco arrives in El Hierro with 320 immigrants, the largest since the ‘Canary boat route’ was opened in 1994

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Another 532 immigrants of sub-Saharan origin arrived this Saturday in two cayucos to The ironwith 212 and 320 people, respectively, and a group of 98 has been disembarked in the port of The Christiansin Tenerifeafter being rescued in the waters of the Atlantic by troops of Rescue and the Civil Guard.

The cayuco with 320 immigrants, according to sources from the emergency services, exceeds the one that arrived on October 3, also at the port of La Restingawith 271 people, making it the boat with the most migrants on board that is known since the opening of the canary route of the pateras in 1994.

According to what sources from Rescue and the 112 from the Canary Islands, in addition to these two cayucos, to the island of El Hierro, where another arrived this morning with 159 sub-Saharans (not 160 as initially reported), another 121 people arrived around 10:30 a.m. (local time), including They include several women and minors, who have been rescued by the rescuer Adhara nine miles from the aforementioned island and who also sailed in a canoe.

The volunteers of Red Cross Those who treated these people upon their arrival on the island have referred one of the immigrants to a health center.

The Adhara rescuer, after disembarking this group, set out to rescue the two large canoes, which were located about 14 miles south of El Hierro and have been escorted to the port of La Restinga, where their occupants have disembarked.

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