A child managed to create a nuclear reactor by purchasing materials through the Internet


He could play at the latest edition of Fortnite, creating caves in piles of sand for his toy vehicles or dabbling in the first year of Harry Potter, but no.

The young American Jackson Oswalt he decided to venture into physics and only a few hours after he turned 13 he ended up building a "decent" nuclear reactor.

And on January 19, 2018, the "brilliant nuclear engineer" – as the English portal Science Alert called it – used 50,000 volts of electricity to combine two deuterium gas atoms and melt their nuclei inside their reactor's plasma. . armed in his parents' house.

"For those who have not seen my recent publications, it will be a great surprise to believe that they have achieved the fusion," wrote the Tennessee child in the Fusor Research Consortium Open Source Forum.

He added: "However, during the last month I have achieved enormous progress following the resolution of the main losses in my system, now I have results that I think are worthy".

Although their work is still under review, the group of fans has already supported their research, but it is still necessary for an official organization to confirm this and to be published by a scientific journal.

However, Oswalt revealed to the media some details of his work and how he achieved such an undertaking. before, transformed an old game room that his parents had in a nuclear laboratory, which estimates that it has invested around $ 10,000. So, dabbling on eBay to get the parts you needed.

"Being the father of someone who was motivated as he was for 12 months was really impressive, every day learning something different, failing every day and watching him work through all these things," his father Chris Oswalt told FOX make sure with experts that your child is not in danger.

finally, if your reactor is officially verified, it would become the youngest person to take it. In 2011, an adolescent from Arkansas had reached the age of 14.



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