a child not vaccinated against tetanus hospitalized for 57 days


This story can change the mind of those who are more resistant to vaccines. A six-year-old American spent 57 days in the hospital, including 47 in intensive care … because he was not vaccinated against tetanus. His parents were against it, this morning he tells the New York Times. "I never thought I would see this disease in the United States," says one of the doctors. Tetanus is almost uprooted: in Oregon, where this kid lives, no case has been registered for thirty years.

The case dates back to 2017, says the newspaper, but this weekend was revealed by the doctors who took care of this young patient. the vaccination debate is raging in the United States

The New York Times recalls that this month, a teenager made headlines in the United States for opposing his mother, who had always refused to vaccinate him. He testified before the conference to remember the importance of fight against false news. Facebook, for its part, announced last week its first policy against misinformation about vaccines, in the wake of Youtube.

Today, almost two years after the fact, the kid who had contracted tetanus is fine … but it is not still unvaccinated because his family is against it. A rather incredible decision after what they have experienced … and what has cost them, notes the newspaper, namely: 800,000 dollars.

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