A chilling ancient prophecy of a great war before the end of the K-19 pandemic

Scripture states that military conflict will bring “great struggle and darkness to the world”

An ancient 800-year-old text says the United States will be embroiled in a conflict involving Iran and Saudi Arabia, the Daily Star reported.

The prophecy predicts that the United States will go to war with Iran before the coronavirus pandemic ends.

The prediction was deciphered by independent researchers using the method of finding the code in the holy book Torah. It claims that a month before the disappearance of the coronavirus pandemic, a military conflict will break out between Iran and Saudi Arabia, in which the United States will be involved. Scripture states that war will bring “great struggle and darkness into the world.”

This version of events is described in the book “Yalkut Ishauya”, published in 1939, which is written on the basis of “Yalkut Shimoni” – a collection of Jewish commentaries on the Bible, probably compiled in the 13th century.

Quotes from the book that, in the opinion of the interpreters, speak of the beginning of these events:

“The king of Persia will irritate the king of Arabia, and he will go to Edom to get advice from them.”

“And the king of Persia will go and destroy the whole world, and all the nations of the world will tremble and panic, will fall on their faces, will feel pain as at birth, and Israel will tremble and panic and ask : Where shall we go?”

And (God) will say to them, “My children, do not be afraid, because everything I have done I have done for you. Why are you afraid? – Do not be afraid. The time has come for your redemption. “

Persia is modern-day Iran, and the “ancient kingdom of Edom” is often used to denote the United States or Western culture in general.

According to researchers, the prophecy says that Saudi Arabia will make every effort to involve the United States in the conflict with Iran. The blog of researchers and interpreters says that the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran will begin even before the end of the “plague” (the coronavirus pandemic).

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