A Chinese journalist has called the weaknesses of Russian women

The Chinese spoke about the reasons why foreigners seek to marry Russian women, despite their glorious beauty

A Chinese journalist has called the weaknesses of Russian womenPhoto: Andrew TOPALOV

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Chinese journalist portal Sohu listed several reasons why foreigners seek to marry Russian girls, despite their beauty.

According to the author, around the Russian has been a lot of stereotypes, among them the tradition is to have pet bears or love of vodka. However, the most mysterious phenomenon he called Russian women, attracted by its appearance of foreign guests.

“Many of them dream to take the Russian beauty wife, and among them many Chinese men,” says the journalist, but then notes that such marriages are not frequent.

The Chinese gave three reasons which can explain such statistics. The author States that Chinese suitors are not suitable “daring nature” of Russian women and their love for booze and carelessness in the details. In addition, he said the reluctance of the Russians “to put the soul in a truly important cause.”

“They like to drink, believing that in this way they release their “I” and exhibit true character. In addition, they do everything in a slipshod manner, not too accurate in detail and not put my heart and soul in a truly important case,” – said the journalist.

In closing his article, he notes that the desire to marry should not be based on appearance, and must be based on its nature and understanding.

Earlier, a Chinese blogger has confessed his love for Russian cuisine is called Russian dishes, the taste of that “impossible to forget”. So, goulash he called “reflection of the soul of the Russian people”



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