She was distinguished by the color of her red hair and the features that resemble foreigners, her rebellious and stubborn personality inherited from her father the love of arms as a symbol of honor and dignity, chosen by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Qabbani to read the beginning of Surah Yassin for students, despite being Christian, she presented many roles and was creative in the roles of evil .. She is Madeleine Tabar The present absentee that always overlooks us with distinguished works.
She began her artistic career by working on radio and television in Lebanon, and also worked as a journalist for a magazine, then she entered in acting in many cinematographic films in Lebanon, and from that she moved to work with the Syrian artist Duraid Lahham in the film Kafron, and her wide fame came when she participated in the TV movie starring The road to Eilat, With a large number of award-winning series and films.
In pictures .. Madeline Tabr and her daughter in beachwear
The artist said Madeleine TabarIn one of her meetings, she was a rebel from a young age, and that her father was a general and a “fatwa”, and he had bombs in the house next to pistols and others, confirming that he taught her love of arms as dignity and honor.
In pictures - Madeleine was depicted in a black band to mourn the spirit of Mahmoud Abdel Aziz ...

Tabar stated that her grandmother used to ask her to read the poetry of Shahrour Al-Wadi, adding that she was the first in high school and excelled over 120 girls, and was a “school legend” and they were always seeking help from that time, confirming that in Fakhr Al-Din High School, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Qabbani chose to read The beginning of a wall for her colleagues.

Madeleine Tabar: Tamer Abdel Moneim did not make money and those who were afraid died ...

Madeleine regreted the decision to prevent the successor, who initially took her for her studies and work in the field of media, not for her lack of love for her first husband.

Madeleine Tabar explained that she asked her husband before the marriage to postpone the caliphate, saying: “My only policeman was that I was not satisfied to agree to the marriage,” explaining that she had already lived with her husband for a long time without children and then they separated.

Echo Country: Madeleine Tabar admits her mistake on the air and asks permission from ...

Madeleine revealed the nature of her husband’s betrayal of her without any effort, as one of her friends warned her that her husband was cheating on her with another artist, and she waited for her husband to leave the house and called her colleague and screamed and deluded that her apartment had a huge fire, automatically, her colleague called on her husband and confirmed at the time that her husband was cheating on her without effort .

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