A Citroën ZX and the clue of a redhead in the DNA: this is how they arrested the murderer of Elisa Abruñedo 10 years later

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A Citroën ZX, the DNA test of a relative and the expertise of a forensic expert, who determined that the murderer had red hair, led the Civil Guard to the alleged murderer of Elisa Abruñedo, the woman who ten years ago, at 46, was found raped and stabbed to death in a place in Cabanas. According to her, she has been able to know THE WORLDthese three factors were decisive for Roger Serafín RVwho is now 49 years old, was considered the number one suspect in the woman’s crime in 2013.

The investigation, initiated by the Homicide group of the Civil Guard of A Coruña, has included the incorporation of the Central Operational Unit (UCO). At one point, the agents asked for volunteers from the area where Elisa was murdered to undergo DNA testing. The detainee did not do it but a family member did, the same sources detail. And from there the agents began to pull the thread. The biological remains found in Elisa Abruñedo were crossed with this DNA, which turned out to be compatible. However, she was not to the fullest. Therefore, it was determined that she could be a family member.

A coroner gave the definitive clue: the man they were looking for had red hair. Finally, they rescued the first evidence they had and that they always had in mind: the make of the car that a witness claimed to have seen the afternoon the crime occurred.

It was a Citroën ZX, the same one the suspect was driving with. With all the ropes tied, Civil Guard investigators proceeded to arrest him yesterday morning. In the afternoon, they searched his house.

Elisa Abruñedo’s crime had caused great commotion in this area of ​​Ferrolterra. Adrian y Alvaro Fernandez Abruñedothe children of the murdered woman, kept the fight open to locate their mother’s murderer after their father and the victim’s husband, Manuel Fernandez Martinezdied a year and a half after her mother, in 2015, in a work accident at the A Graña dock, in the Ferrol Military Arsenal, when part of the load of a truck fell on her.

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