A civil guard arrests a sexual offender in the middle of a Madrid-Cancún flight for touching the crew

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A sergeant of the Civil Guardassigned to the post in the Teruel town of Valderrobresdetained a passenger in the middle of a flight from Madrid to Cancun as the alleged perpetrator of several crimes of sexual assault.

As reported this Monday by the Civil Guard, on September 23, on the aforementioned flight, with 400 passengers on board, the commander of the aircraft requested the presence of agents belonging to the Security Forces and Bodies, that could travel among travelers. The reason was because there was a person who was causing altercations between the crew and the rest of the passengers.

Two Civil Guard agents appeared in the crew cabin, to whom the commander gave background information on the events that were occurring.

He informed them that a person, who showed an aggressive attitude, had touched the crew personnel, uttering death threats.

Previously, the commander had activated all the internal airplane protocols and was even considering requesting a forced landing.

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