A civil guard detains a man after nailing a drill to his partner’s head in Villaverde

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An off-duty trainee civil guard arrested a 35-year-old Peruvian man early Monday morning after assaulting his partner with a drill bit to the head in the Madrid district of Villaverdeaccording to sources from the Civil Guard Command in Madrid.

The events occurred at 12:30 a.m. yesterday Monday, when the civil guard was sitting with his wife and in-laws on a terrace in the Plaza Mayor de Villaverde, 10. At a certain moment, the agent heard cries for help from a woman coming from a lower floor and approached. Upon arrival, he drew a curtain and observed a woman with blood on her face and with a drill embedded in her head.

“Just at that moment a man came out pounding on the door of the portal and shouting that he did not want to know anything about that person,” said the agent who intervened in the attack. Once outside, he held him back despite the fact that the assailant resisted.

The retention took place until the agents of the National Police arrived, who proceeded to arrest him. The attack was committed using a drill bit on the head of the victim, 33 years old and also Peruvian. The man was arrested on the road for attempted murder. The assaulted woman suffered blows, injuries and a head injury caused by the drill bit. She was transferred in serious condition to the Hospital 12 de Octubre.

The male aggression occurred in front of a 14-year-old son of the woman. There are no complaints by the victim against her current partner.

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