A clause in a contract agreement with the Football Association has been deprived of the penalty clause after the dismissal


A Football Union source revealed that Ajiri's recently dismissed contract includes an article that exempts Jabalia from paying the penalty clause.

The source said that the contract includes an article that does not qualify Al-Khawaja to obtain the penalty condition, in the event of his departure one year before the date of the signing of the contracts. The contracts were signed on 2 August 2018, which means that he is not entitled to the penalty.

Hani Abu Reda announced his resignation from the presidency of the Egyptian Football Association and invited the members of the Board of Directors to present their resignation, after the departure of the national team the first of the sixteenth round of the African Nations Championship, currently organized by the # 39 ;Egypt.

Abu Reda said that this decision comes as a literary commitment, although the Football Association did not confine itself to the national team and gave it all material and moral support to the maximum.

And speaking of the fate of the technical and administrative staff of the team he confirmed that the article completely disappointed fans of Egyptian football and made them responsible despite the satisfaction of all requests.

Abu Rida also stressed that it is the national responsibility to continue to chair the organizing committee until the end of the tournament, because the success in the organization has been from the beginning a goal that we all strive to achieve for the reputation of the our country.



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