A coach has ruled out Nayef Hazazi from facing the Confederacy


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On Friday, October 19, 2018, a trainer excluded Nayef Hazzazi from addressing Al Ittihad from the Al-Fajr website.

Arsie, coach of the Sun Club, has ruled out the striker Nayef Hazzazi with a technical decision from the list that will face Al Ittihad in the sixth round of the professional tournament Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Friday.

Nayef Hazazi played with only one of three league games in the Saudi league without scoring a goal: Ahmed's team is 15th in the standings, while the Gedda federation is down by one point.

It is expected that the whistle of the Jeddah Jeddah match with one, on Friday, at seven o'clock pm Cairo and the eighth time Mecca.

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Source: Dawn



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