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A cocktail of six poisons – that’s what blueberries are

Blueberries are delicious – however, imported goods contain a lot of pesticide residues.

dpa-tmn / Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert

Many blueberries in Swiss supermarkets are imported. So that the fruits from overseas survive the transport, they are treated with plant poisons. The residues end up in the stomach of consumers.

Blueberries are more popular than ever: consumption in Switzerland has increased six-fold in recent years. But people also consume a lot of toxins with the little blue fruits. An analysis by the SRF magazine “Kassensturz” has now found that out.

Because domestic production is only a tenth of the Swiss berry cravings, more and more blueberries are imported. Before being transported from Peru, Argentina, Chile, Canada, South Africa and Spain, they are made “fit for travel” with fungicides such as fludioxonil, pyraclostrobine and boscalid.

Dangerous game with the limit values

The test laboratory found a cocktail of six pesticides on samples from Denner, and blueberries from Manor showed residues of five plant poisons. The residues of the individual active ingredients were always below the statutory limit. There is no limit for the total of all pesticides. Manor told SRF to use different fungicides in smaller doses to prevent resistance to individual substances.

According to the SRF, the test laboratory was not surprised to have found the many mushroom poisons: “To ensure that the berries arrive in good condition, they are treated with fungicides. Or you can freeze them. »

Be sure to wash fruits

In the case of berries from the freezer, the testers found no fungicide residues, only one product was found to have an insecticide that is already being sprayed on the field. In addition to the frozen blueberries, organic products from Migros (from Argentina), Globus (from South Africa) and Aligro (from Peru) were also free of residues.

In order to get rid of at least the water-soluble pesticides on the surface of the fruit, consumers should wash the blueberries thoroughly before eating. However, because some active ingredients penetrate the pulp, the chemical cocktail cannot be completely eliminated.

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