A collision of galaxies. An unusual shot of the Hubble Telescope

Remarkable shots from the Hubble Space Telescope, shown by ESA (European Space Agency), show two galaxies that are closely related to each other. They fused together by gravitational attraction. They are 100 million light years away from Earth. The galaxies NGC 5953 and NGC 5954 happened together to form one massive object called Arp 91. During this kind of constellation merger, the result could be destructive to one of them. Or they can merge to form a new and larger galaxy. – Arp 91 is a particularly vivid example of the galactic interaction. NGC 5954 is clearly being pulled toward NGC 5953. One spiral arm appears to extend downward, ESA reported. The shot shows the lower galaxy NGC 5953, which is similar in shape to a circle, and the upper NGC 5954, which is similar to an ellipse. Both galaxies are spiral and similar to each other. Their different appearance in the photo is the result of their …


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Galaxy collisions are not as rare as they may seem, but the process takes billions of years … Besides what it means “… the result can be destructive …Read the whole thing

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“They are 100 million light years from Earth” So it happened 100 million years ago.

Yeah, disgusting shows that this is an Andorian ship coming out of the warp


Two snails have collided. Dude, that was the moment !!! 🤪

If any of these galaxies is looking at the Earth through a good telescope, he should be able to see grazing dinosaurs 🙂

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These aren’t even pictures of these galaxies. This computer animation lasts tens of seconds on the film, when in fact the process takes tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of years, if not millions.

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that is what we are seeing was 100 million years ago !! There were no people then, but as the minister of all sciences Czarnek claims, people on Earth have been around for billions of years, which in turn contradicts the doctrine of the Catholic Church saying that God created the world 6 thousand years ago and then man was created in 2 copies and now there are 7 billion ( By the way, how two people turned into 7 billion, they chicked in a family, brothers and sisters? which is a mortal sin and apparently it is forbidden by their god because such relationships give birth to monsters !! I have a total confusion !! and he is considered a practicing Catholic and indoctrinating children !!! And be wise here!

Polish people !! let’s not worry !! somehow it will be….

in Morde !! but the man is tiny and young … 100 bubbles years ago there were dinosaurs walking on the earth, hunted by people with stones …

… theory chasing theory …

Poles will come and tap, it will be like new


People are not interested, you don’t know, you don’t understand, this is really your problem. For people who don’t have a clue about this topic, any article of this type will be ridiculous. Books, the Internet, a telescope a few years of sleepless nights and you will embrace it;)

NONSENSE!!! Photomontage. Where are these galaxies moving so fast?

Crap galaxies do not collide.

But when did it happen? In October?

Andromeda is rushing towards us and will also cross our galaxy, but it will be soon in about 2 billion years.

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